Choose your Character

The third decision you must make is to create your own gameplan for succeeding in the crypto market. Read through this entire guide first — then come back and see which strategy suits you best personally. 


Ask yourself: 

  1. Are you in crypto long-term and simply want to increase your BTC? Become the Hodler.
  2. Are you looking to actively trade in the short-term so that you can increase both/either BTC and/or USD? Become the Scalper. 
  3. Do you prefer relying on statistics and probabilities to make your trades in a more structured manner? Become the Mathematician. 


The Hodler (HODL is short for ‘holding on for dear life’)


Goal: Increase your BTC balance by any means necessary

Typical holdings: 0-10% USD and 90%-100% BTC 

Method: Use downtrends to increase your BTC in the short-term and hold BTC on uptrends


The Scalper  


Goal: To make money from short-term market movements

Typical holdings: 80-100% USD and 0-20% BTC/80-100% BTC and 0-20% USD

Method: Aggressively use market sentiment to stay ahead of the crowd


The Mathematician 


Goal: To make the best/most informed choices possible 

Typical holdings: 50% USD/50% BTC

Method: Use probability and time to profit from market volatility